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IT solutions consultancy, Crimson, and digital technology solutions provider, Ignitho Technologies today announce Virtuoso, a joint initiative intended to disrupt IT application services currently available to businesses CIOs

Virtuoso brings together an international talent pool, cutting-edge industry thinking from a team of leading CIOs and rigorous local programme management that combine to deliver IT solutions that better meet business-led outcomes.

Roney Soloman, President, Ignitho Technologies says: “Many CIOs are telling me that it’s very difficult to find a reliable, single supplier that understands their challenges as a growing business. In creating Virtuoso, we are bringing to market an approach to IT application delivery only previously available to larger enterprises.”

Robert Mallaband, Managing Director, Crimson adds: “I’m thrilled to have Crimson be integral to this innovative new initiative. Virtuoso will break the deadlock most IT leaders find themselves in, as they maintain business-as-usual systems while trying to find enough resources to invest in new technologies.”

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About Ignitho Technologies

Founded in 2013 and headquartered out of London, UK, Ignitho is a coming together of like-minded IT seniors with a proven track record in western markets to bring to market disruptive technology services and next-gen products.

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