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Google Analytics 4 Migration Solution

Use our GA4 migration solution to maintain full history of your Universal Analytics (GA3) data in a unified dashboard instead of having to access GA4 and GA3 reports separately. In addition, reap the benefits of predictive analytics and what-if analytics not currently provided by Google analytics.

Why to Migrate from GA3 to GA4?

Google is sunsetting Universal Analytics (UA or GA3) and moving to GA4.

While Google will automatically create a GA4 property for you, you will not have an integrated repository that has your historical data and the new data being received after migration. 

GA3 (Universal Analytics) uses session-based tracking and analysis of pageviews whereas GA4 uses a model based on events and parameters.  As a result of this change, mapping needs to be done to ensure that you can continue to have uninterrupted analytics coverage. 

Key Benefits of GA4 Migration with Ignitho

Ignitho has created a comprehensive solution that streams in all the required historical information from GA3 and then merges it with the GA4 schema. Standard data integration connectors for GA3 are used for this purpose.

This adjusted historical information in the repository can then be used in a few different ways:

Effortless Analysis with Google Analytics and Big Query Integration

If you’d like to use the Google Analytics web dashboard for analysis, then the matched historical data can be streamed into the Big Querry database of GA4. You get comprehensive reporting without installing anything new.

Seamlessly Integrate GA4 Historical Data with External Reporting Tools

If you are using an external dashboarding tool (e.g, Domo, Tableau, Looker, or Power BI) for your reporting, then this historical data can be streamed straight into that repository. You do need to prep those dashboards and reporting tools for the new GA4 reporting model.

Boost Analytics Performance with Predictive Capabilities

If you would like to take advantage of predictive analytics, and more comprehensive dashboards than those provided by GA4, you can choose to stream all Google analytics data into an external repository that is capable of handling both dashboarding and analytics. This option provides you with a CDP (Customer Data Platform) where you can combine additional customer information for comprehensive customer analytics.



Maintain continuity of your analytics without losing any historical information.

Consolidated dashboard

Single dashboard instead of maintaining separate GA3 and GA4 dashboards.

Predictive modeling

Get ready to access predictive analytics that Ignitho has built into Domo.

Streamlined analysis

When combined with other information that we can easily stream into the Domo repository, you get comprehensive what-if analysis and scenario modeling capabilities.

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Technology Used for Migration from GA3 to GA4

The solution is ready to use using Domo. It has ready to use GA3 and GA4 connectors, pre-built AI models, and what-if analysis. All the familiar dashboads from Google analytics are also available. The solution can use the cloud platform of your choice including MS Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS. 

Success Story

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Google Analytics 4 (GA4) migration for a fintech startup

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) migration for a digital marketing agency


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