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Why Innovation-led enterprises should adopt a scalable-cloud strategy?

Akhil Baby | Head – Cloud & QA CoE (Offshore) | Ignitho Technologies

With the Digital transformation line-up, capitalizing on the technological agility is one of the top recommended approaches to be quick off the mark for the firms. With many enterprises already leveraging their way up with the flexible Cloud setup, Scalable Cloud Implementation should be viewed as a game-changer for CIO, CTO, and IT Directors.

As 2019 has come halfway, the Cloud has transformed into the foundation for almost all core IT business applications. Cloud storage, a customized platform to increase the operational efficiencies of an enterprise has undoubtedly resolved the challenges of a distinct cloud IT environment and overpriced operational costs besides the data integration and scalability issues. Cloud implementation also has a greater impact on business thinking through facilitating a change in the way companies operate- offering shared and virtualized infrastructure which is easily scalable.

Why Cloud Implementation?

In a demanding business environment, Cloud storage provides a novel framework and competitive advantages over archaic solutions. The efficiency in operations and application instances can be improved with the help of Cloud storage to gain business agility and growth. According to the Right Scale 2019 State of the Cloud Report, it is found that 84% of the enterprises own a multi-cloud strategy, thus making it an inevitable component of the IT organizations.

Scalability in Cloud Implementation

Of all the numerous benefits that the Cloud implementation offers, the biggest benefit is indisputably the ability to scale the Cloud environment on-demand. In the Cloud framework, scalability is defined as the ability to upscale or downscale the IT requirements as and when required in an efficient manner. Before the advent of the Cloud, to upscale or downscale the server space involved laborious processes, paying off extra maintenance costs and consumption of the physical space for the server.

These constraints on the data storage restrict the field within which you can regulate your business environment. The latest Cloud technologies assist you to overcome these challenges to reinforce your business by implementing managed cloud services integrating the entire ecosystem of the business irrespective of the type of cloud you use. Employing a frugal approach to technology innovation, there are several methodologies that are available like: 
  • Continual Service Improvements
  • Improved management of data growth and backup
  • Reduced cost of hardware
  • Infrastructure and increased flexibility

These methodologies help you to release applications and services at high speed, scaling and upgrading products more rapidly and reasonably compared to those firms using archaic technological infrastructure. The pay-per-use model of the Cloud enables you to scale fast with respect to the changing demands more economically and prudently.

Scalable cloud-based services

Each of the cloud service models such as IaaS, PaaS, STaaS, DaaS, and DBaaS has its own specific benefits in order to cater to the needs of diverse businesses.

This specificity necessitates to understand the basic structure of the services through an appropriate appraisal of your requirements along with the benefits of implementing that service to redefine your workflow.

To conclude, choosing the right partner for Cloud deployment is as crucial as getting it employed in your business. So, liberate yourself from the constraints of the physical infrastructure with the help of various types of Cloud environments that we offer and equip your focus more on constructing the infrastructure in an efficient, cost-saving and proactive way.

Curious to know more about the benefits of implementing the scalable cloud strategy? Watch out for the next blog in the series to know how the scalable cloud could benefit your enterprise competently and frugally.

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