Is it surprising that healthcare organizations are fast imbibing latest technologies and are moving towards digital transformation? It shouldn’t be. Given the sweeping advancements in technology, and the digital wave taking the world by storm, the healthcare industry is no exception.

Having to deal with highly sensitive data of patients, pre-emptive prevention of epidemics, patient care and self-enablement, healthcare industry is fast imbibing latest technology from big data analytics to Artificial Intelligence that capacitates innovation and cutting-edge developments in healthcare.

Ignitho’s innovative and end-to-end enterprise healthcare services deliver improved patient care, optimum health outcomes and cost-effective solutions. Our advanced pool of technical experts enables revamping of the legacy infrastructure, by bringing a digitally advanced system in place while also increasing their Return on Investment (RoI). This makes us the choice partner for consulting and software development for healthcare enterprises.

Healthcare Technology Services

Intelligent healthcare solutions using AI

Data analysis for patient’s sensitive data management

Cloud storage services for accessibility of latest treatment protocols

IoT services increasing patient engagement

Improving user experience through easy-to-use app

Improved patient-physician communication

Modernization of legacy infrastructure

Create accessible payer-provider system

Healthcare Information Technology and Management
Our Value Add

Innovation-led digital solutions

Disruptive digital solutions for healthcare consulting and management coupled with rapid innovation and delivery

Digitizing legacy infrastructure

Digital health records and setting up emerging healthcare technology, paving way for a digital transformation.

End-to-end services

Our business expertise and infrastructure ensure maintenance even after deployment

Benefits of working with us

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