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Intelligent Automation Accelerator (IAA) drives 3X ROI on Your RPA implementations

Ignitho’s Intelligent Automation Accelerator (IAA) brings the power of AI to core RPA capabilities and reduces initial training and retraining costs by as much as 70%.

Using a combination of AI models, the IAA accelerator:
1. Delinks source datasets and RPA bot integration so that changes do not need retraining
2. Adds NLP so that RPA bots can be trained with increased automation, and can take actions dynamically on demand

Intelligent Quality Accelerator

The AI powered IQA solution automatically generates test cases from user stories, creates test scripts, and automatically spins up test infrastructure infra and test execution environments.

It is also a full test suite management system improving your software quality and reducing QA effort by at least 65%.

Reduce Training Costs

Ignitho’s Intelligent Automation Accelerator (IAA) uses AI and sits between your source datasets and RPA bots.

By automatically parsing input files and making the expected output available to the RPA bot, IAA ensures that the bot is getting what it needs without relying on how the input dataset may change.

This is a common challenge with RPA implementation. The IAA allows for much reduced re-training costs for RPA bots.

Make Automation Dynamic with NLP

IAA uses NLP to automatically direct the RPA bot to act in real time.

For example, if you need an RPA bot to flag all customers who have a specific type of receivables, then just “ask” the bot to do it on a schedule (in a chat or by voice) instead of having to taking 4 weeks to first train and deploy the bot.

The IAA integrates your RPA providers API and NLP to open up the possibilities in any automation domain.

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