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Ignitho Joins Domo Partner Network to Drive Adoption of AI-enabled Customer Data Platforms 

Ignitho’s CDP accelerator solves enterprise last mile adoption challenges 

New York, NY – June 13, 2023 –  Ignitho Technologies, an AI-led digital engineering company, today announced that it has joined data experience
platform provider
Domo’s partner network to help solve the last mile AI adoption challenge faced by enterprise clients.

Developed on the Domo platform, Ignitho’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) accelerator can cut down CDP implementation times for clients from a typical 4-6 month schedule to as little as 2 weeks.

Today, enterprises have a critical need to accelerate not only a generation of insights, but also leverage those insights for real-time business decision making and customer experiences. Ignitho’s CDP accelerator incorporates pre-built, industry-specific AI models deployed on a unified architecture created with Domo. The insights from these AI models are integrated into Domo, enabling clients to not only complete traditional business intelligence and visualizations, but also perform advanced what-if analytics using AI insights in addition to traditional exploratory analysis. The CDP accelerator leverages Domo’s advanced data connectors enabling clients to seamlessly leverage their existing data infrastructure investments. The pre-defined data blueprint significantly accelerates data discovery and integration times.

To solve the last mile AI adoption challenge, Ignitho’s CDP accelerator includes an enterprise grade API gateway packaged within Domo for a fully integrated solution. This allows enterprises to minimize data reconciliations and deploy the insights from the AI models in real-time for relevant use cases such as web experiences, promotions, commerce, customer service, and retention.

“We are excited to present the CDP accelerator built on Domo’s data experience platform because it provides a robust foundation to integrate previously siloed AI, business intelligence, and last mile AI integration capabilities,” said Ashin Antony, CTO at Ignitho. “The CDP accelerator offers clients an enterprise grade solution to solve their ML ops problems effectively and accelerates the deployment of AI insights to the desired channels.”

“Domo is unique in its ability to put data to work for everyone so they can multiply their impact on the business,” said Mark Boothe, Vice President of Enterprise Marketing at Domo. “Innovations like the CDP accelerator, built with the depth and breadth of the Domo platform, offers mutual customers AI models and insights that can help to maximize the returns on investments they make in data and cloud technologies.”

The AI models included within the CDP accelerator can be extended per client needs. Clients can stand up a pilot in as little as 2 weeks. For more information, please visit https://ignitho.com/customer-data-platform-accelerator/ 



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