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Digital Transformation in Remote Worker Tracking Solution for a Leading Retailer in UK

Business Need

Being a leading retailer in UK with their major customers serving gazillions of clienteles, the responsibility takes on to the next level which required them to double their efficiency in administration. The client held the right opportunity to shift to digital transformation since their customers and employees who worked for them highly depended on the retailer for a safe working environment. Most of the client’s operation team members got to work in hazardous situations away from the office which made it difficult for them to track the employees’ safety in real-time. The client therefore required to develop an innovative remote worker management solution that could aid their workers at hazardous situations and alert them first-hand to extend necessary rescue measures.

Ignitho’s Solution

Ignitho’s exceptionally operational and reliable JavaScript development CoE (Centre of Excellence) examined the specific need put before us and came up with an application that would mark their employees safe while undertaking risky jobs through an immediate employee check-in, emergency notification and response generation mechanism.

With this application, we eased out the challenge by presenting a prototype incorporating Angular with Node JS, where the workers who were assigned in hazardous areas could log in once they reach the place. The constant update that is requested by the application would track the current condition of the workers. If a panic situation arises, they could immediately give out the panic alarm through this application. Thus, the company could always keep an eye on their workers even when they streamline their attention to diverse areas.

Benefits Delivered

By restructuring the workers relationship with the company, the remote worker monitoring app optimized the user-satisfaction. The outreach of the application was colossal that it improved the employee engagement exponentially.

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