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Enterprises today are digitizing more of their business operations, resulting in a flood of new data. Data Analytics and information management is becoming part of the business agenda because most CIO’s recognize that their companies can benefit from uncovering relevant intelligence amidst the noise. CIO’s of todays enterprises continue to recognize the economic value of information and see the opportunity to capture and apply ever greater volumes of detailed data, they will come to expect access to analytics technologies capable of making sense from event streams.

At Ignitho, we focus on emerging analytics capabilities that a CIO should focus on and align their IT spending. We work on the latest of the technologies from Data Analytics and Business Intelligence such as Python, R, Pentaho, Hadoop, SAS, Tableau, Qlik and Power BI to help our clients to meet these challenges and improve their overall business. We enable our clients to gather resourceful insights from these data sets and clean it, make sense of it, and enter it into reports and dashboards to generate KPIs in such areas as sales and market trends.

Our Data Analytics - Expertise

Our Data Analytics expertise has helped us drive predictive insights that draw on data to create forward-looking models and forecast future trends can help to steer business decision-makers:

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Our Data Analytics Advantage

With our analytics expertise, we enable enterprise to develop insights with for better decision making, empowering:

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