Delivering Your AI charter with Domo

Through our AI led Customer Data Platform app built with Domo, Ignitho is accelerating the way you can unlock the power of your enterprise data. The Domo integration cloud and data apps are a great way to reduce time to market and build a scalable and modular insights platform.



2 – Way Enterprise Data Integration

We help you implement 2-way integration by not only getting data in an optimized manner to the desired data store, but also help you feed enriched data back to the source systems.

AI Modeling and Implementation

We model the desired AI use cases and implement them by using modern API infrastructure. We help you pilot AI insights quickly before executing full scale launch for your enterprise.

Business Intelligence Dashboards

We implement flexible and business friendly dashboards so you can be fully informed of the state of the business at any time. We implement early warning signals into the dashboards.

Our Solutions

AI Led Customer Data Platform

Using our CDP blueprint, our AI led CDP app on Domo brings you fast time to market, as well as increased ability to implement the insights generated. We have used the strong Domo platform to aggregate enterprise data and implement key AI use cases. The solution not only allows you to visualize insights but quickly integrate them into your operational processes.


Common AI use cases are granular demand forecasting by store, personalizing promotions, and reducing channel conflicts for brands.


Common AI use cases are advanced audience analytics, real time price offer optimization, and churn analytics

Insights & Blogs

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Ashin Antony

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

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Ashin Antony

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

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Start with a Comprehensive Enterprise Data Assessment

This is a free online assessment based on our enterprise data lifecycle methodology. It helps you measure your data maturity along 5 keydimensions:

These 5 dimensions represent the logical stages of a modern data lifecycle. Executed together with the right balance, these dimensions unlock the power of data to deliver business benefits rapidly and in a customer centric manner.

Take the assessment to see where you stand. Email address is NOT required to see results. We do offer a complimentary 4 hours workshop to do this assessment in more detail. Get in touch to know more about that.

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